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The mission of Five Star Childcare is to offer a nurturing, professional and safe environment. We proudly promote our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program and learning initiatives. Introduction to Christianity in our Garfield community early childhood education experience promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desires to be life -long learners and high achievers.

Don’t take our word for our high quality care, check out what parents are saying on the testimonials page. We hope to have your little ones in 5-Star Child Care soon so that they will get the best possible care available.

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5-Star Child Care *The Brightest Stars Shine Here*

If you want a great place for your children to attend, Five Star is it!!! The staff is professional, knowledgeable and truly enjoy working with children and families. I started out 13 years ago as a parent looking for care for my 2 boys. As skeptical as I was, Mrs. Ladonna made me feel comfortable as well as relieved that I found a place safe and educational for my most valuable possessions. Now I am a grandmother and my grandchildren LOOOOOVE this place. Do your family such a favor and get them in there before it’s too late!!!!!

Tiffany Taylor 

Lord knows I thank Him for my child care provider. She is the BEST. She’s not only a child care provider to my girls but she’s also my friend. She gives me words of encouragement every chance she gets, she is a woman of GOD. I just want to thank her for everything she has done over these past 8 years caring for my girls and just been there when I need her. I am so excited to be apart of an organization that brings nothing but positive energy and good vibes. We have sat and talked about this dream coming true for over five years and it is finally time to open the childcare center she’s been waiting for! God has blessed her to bless others and she has always done God’s work. Without a doubt in my mind your children are safe with her! I️ recommend her to any and everybody that comes to me about a center for their children. LaDonna provides a place of safety and caring for each child’s needs.

She'dee Robinson

We at TMAP TRANSPORTATION couldn’t be more excited to have such a courteous, accommodating business owner as Ms.Donna. We’ve been partnering for the last 3 years insuring safe TRANSPORTATION as well as securing their well being..Ms.donna supplies a 5 star service from a clean threshold to something as small as buying a student a book bag if needed. She’s truly a blessing to the community and success should come easily..

                       Thank you Ms.Donna…

Eric Cunningham

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5-Star Child Care *The Brightest Stars Shine Here*

 LaDonna Mahaffey has been working in the Childcare field since 1993 and resolved to open her home daycare in 2005 . Mrs. Donna  also has experience in special needs for children and returned to school in order to earn her degree in Early Childhood Education  in 2014. She is proud to announce the Grand Opening of 5-Star Childcare Center in 2018!